About us

The iLove Brand is an unique apparel company who’s mission consists of three things: Fashion, Fitness, and Feeding the community. Our sole purpose is to exude love through style by offering unique products that also offers a solution to an enormous community issue. The iLove Brand is more than just apparel, it’s a movement!


Sadly our world is filled with constant negativity and darkness. With this in mind, the iLove Team set out to make a difference by being a light in their community. We took our passion for helping others and combined it with an authentic style to produce the amazingly distinct apparel you see today.


The iLove Brand is not just for a certain population. From fitness clothing to stylish tees and tanks, this company has something for everyone.


Not only does the The iLove Brand want to make an impact with their products, but they also aspire to be a driving force in providing a solution to those less fortunate. The iLove Team is so passionate about their mission that for every piece of apparel purchased we will provide a meal to the homeless.


Few apparel companies can provide stylish products while simultaneously providing a solution to an enormous problem in society. The iLove Brand is the exception. We don’t just talk about our purpose, we put it into action. Each Friday our iLove Sandwich Street Team hits the town to deliver meals and other needed items to the homeless. The iLove Brand spreads love through their products and actions which in turn makes a HUGE impact in the community.


While The iLove Brand was created in 2015, the iLove Team utilized the past year to ensure the best quality for their merchandise. This time also allowed them to establish desired relationships with local and national organizations. For these reasons, The iLove Brand’s online shop officially opens in the second quarter of 2016. 


The iLove Brand has multiple facets that make the everyday operations possible. The team consists of various groups including the designers, bloggers, the iLove Sandwich Street Team, and the iLove Fit Ambassadors. In The iLove Brand no department is more important than the other. They work together to provide the best quality apparel while making the biggest difference in the world that they can. 


The iLove Team wanted to keep themselves surrounded by their inspiration. The iLove Brand headquarters are located in the heart of downtown Fort Worth, TX in the Monticello Community. 


For questions on how you can help make a difference or bring the iLove Team to your city, please contact us at: info@theilovebrand.com. Also feel free to keep up with new products and information by following us on Instagram: @theilovebrand or Facebook: The iLove Brand 


We hope you’ll join our mission of Fashion, FITNESS, and Feeding the community.





The iLove Team